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    Shipping is free within South Africa. Your parcel will be delivered to your nearest PostNet. Please insert this location when you checkout. You will receive an SMS when your parcel is ready for collection. Special delivery requests or speedy delivery, will have a surcharge. Please contact us directly if you require this option. Parcels will be delivered within 3-5 working days from the date the order is placed.
    Current payment options: VISA / MasterCard / American Express PayPal EFT payments If you are making a payment via EFT, kindly follow the following steps: 1. Calculate your purchase total (including any promo code used) 2. Use you SURNAME as the reference 3. Make your payment. Our banking details are: First National Bank Cheque Account Account Name: Uhambosa Pty Ltd Account number: 628 985 05212 Branch Code: 250 655 4. Email us the following details to - Your name and surname - Your order (e.g. 1 x South Africa Scratch Map) - Any promo code applied - Your closest PostNet - Attach your Proof of Payment
    We provide the opportunity for bulk buying. If you are interested in purchasing more than 10 x South Africa Scratch Maps, please contact us directly.
    We are humbly apologetic that your South Africa Scratch Map did not meet your expectations! Please note the following with regard to refunds / returns: Please inform us, within 3 days after product delivery, of any product defects. No returns / refunds unless the product is faulty. Please see QUALITY / CARE guidelines. We will require a description of why the return is being made and may ask for further information or pictures to support your case. The product must be unused and in the same condition as received and in its original packaging. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to return the item to us and bear any costs incurred. Shipping cost will not be included in a refund. No cash refunds - once the South Afrcia Scratch Map is returned, a refund will be made back into your account. If you are still unsure of how to resolve your issue, please contact us directly.
    Though we have done our best to ensure that your South Africa Scratch Map is of the best quality; it is unfortunately possible to have a slightly flawed scratch map from time to time. Possible flaws and care guidelines: 1. The scratch foil has scratches. This is unfortunately the most common flaw due to the scratch map being hand-rolled in protective tissue paper and then inserted into a tube. We have selected a "silkier" foil for both ease of foil scratching and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, small scratches from time to time cannot entirely be avoided. Please take care while rolling out / rolling up your scratch map. Should your South Africa Scratch Map be severely scratched, please see REFUNDS / RETURNS or contact us directly. 2. There is a gold residue or "ghosting" of scratched off foil text / icons remaining on the map after the foil is scratched off. We recommend using a white eraser to remove any gold residue or "ghosting" of text / icons that remain on the sratched off map. Apply a decent pressure and try to avoid erasing on the scratch foil that is unscratched. 3. There are scratch marks or dents on the map after scratching the foil off. We recommend that you use your free plectrum (scratching tool) when scratching the scratch foil off of your scratch map. We suggest that you use the long side of the plectrum to scratch off larger areas and use the tip of the plectrum when scratching off finer details. With a firm yet gentle pressure, take your time and enjoy seeing what is revealed on your South Africa Scratch Map while scratching off the scratch foil. Please note that hard and vigorous scratching, and / or making use of other scratching tools / coins, may damage your scratch map.



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